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V·go is the productivity enhancement tool for every garment makers.

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With V·go


Simplify your work

The simplified apparel-making trading, which can be complex easily, endows your company with maximized profit.


Calculate your work easy

You can check the business figures in person as progress is made.


Archive your account
history today

Working progress in the cloud environment can be shared between teammates in real-time.

V·go is...

V·go for Corporates

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A company can check from the costing management of styles to raw material PO issuances, tracking, and state of shipment at a glance.

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New opportunity for sourcing and material sales opportunity.

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Business executives can obtain essential business insights based on purchase orders and financial plans.


V·go for Employees

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The core work information, raw material, and work progress are dataized safe in an independent digital platform.

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Garment and material Order are digitally synchronized to buffer the order of material and garment inaccuracy.

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The actual reference-based Digital Resume will be auto-filling.

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You can record and share all the business records for a clothing company that wants to step-up in a well-organized way.

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You can create your digital database, including Material info. History, costing record, etc. It enables your company to maintain your business feasibility.   

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V·go offers factory productivity management solutions based on more than ten years of hands-on experience on-site.

What Users Say About V·go

Daehan Global Korea

Head of Business Management Department

First off, my major costing work has been greatly diminished. Plus, fund planning and the pre-post calculation which is live work record driven are wholly new experiences to me.

Lee International

Sales Manager

I could track the company’s work data with teammates easily together in V·go. Plus, I can check the order status in the digitalized workspace in an orderly manner.

PT. Daehan Global Brebes

Sales Director

Now, I have more room to focus on leading the way while cushioning the collaboration between juniors and progression. I feel V·go is one of the best options that global garment makers haven’t adopted digital solutions yet. It’s risk-free, and I highly recommend it!

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Sustainable Growth of the Global Fashion Industry aided by Digital Technology


DHG DS Inc. was established to eliminate inefficiencies in the fashion industry in 2019 in Seoul. The team attempts to save resources from global participants' digitalized purchase orders, production, and logistics information.

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Daehan Global

The strategic partner, Daehan Global, has been growing steadily since its establishment in 1996 in Bogor, Jakarta. They could have been in the limelight with the quality apparel OEM/ODM production with the back of big-name global brands.

As of 2022, DHG presences to operate five native apparel production factories in Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, and the USA, with thirty thousand hires.


Main Office

Partner Office

9th Floor, 68, Digital-ro 9-gil
Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

KP. JEMBATAN DUA, KELURAHAN, RT.01/RW.09, Karang Asem Bar., Kec. Citeureup, Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat 16918, Indonesia

About us
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Ready to become more significant at business making?

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